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Socialist Stagnation


"Socialist Stagnation: Are Spies in High Offices Succeeding in Disrupting the Socialist Party?"
by Algie Martin Simons
Published in Modern Magazine [Chicago], vol. 1, no. 2 (October 1909), pp. 25-32.
With editorial by Peyton Boswell, "What is the Matter?"

The failure of the 1908 "Red Special" campaign of Eugene V. Debs and Benjamin Hanford to garner more than a million votes was the cause of much consternation and navel-gazing among some of the Socialist Party faithful. A.M. Simons, recently deposed editor of the International Socialist Review and current editor of the Chicago Daily Socialist was no exception.
Simons believed that one plausible explanation was the sabotage of government agents within the Socialist Party of America's apparatus. Citing the presence of a multiplicity of police spies and agents in the organized labor movement, Simons theorized that the Socialist Party's failure to retain new members and frequent disruption into factional warfare over matters of little import may have been the conscious byproduct of government agents inside the Socialist Party at both the national and state level.
Simons produces no evidence to substantiate his claims.
This file includes an editorial by Modern Magazine chief Peyton Boswell announcing the start of a four issue series analyzing the nature of the difficulties within the Socialist Party of America.
Only a single run of four issues of this magazine are know, residing in the British National Library in London. This pdf document was created from a copy in the collection of Tim Davenport or Corvallis, OR. The file is released by him into the public domain without restriction.
Published in the United States prior to 1923, public domain.

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